Bollettino Mav Unifi Scarica

Bollettino Mav Unifi Scarica bollettino mav unifi

Il bollettino MAV per il pagamento della seconda rata delle tasse e contributi, che si riferiscono all'anno accademico , è disponibile nell'area dei. I bollettini sono disponibili all'interno dei servizi online, scadenza 28 novembre Simulatore tasse Per immatricolati e iscritti. Tasse, si pagano. Presentazione ISEE · Webmail · E-learning · Prenotazione eventi · Richiesta tirocinio/stage · Destinazioni Erasmus+; Scarica UNIFI App. Sono uno studente ed ho un bollettino MAV di prima rata superiore all'importo annuo totale dovuto in relazione all'ISEE. Le tasse universitarie si pagano in due rate; i bollettini sono disponibili con credenziali) e possono essere pagati tramite MAV o PagoPa.

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Centro di Servizi Culturali per Stranieri Corsi di informatica Servizi per studenti disabili Consulenza psicologica Orientamento al lavoro Cantieri di intraprendenza e lavoro. Cascine — aule, biblioteche, uffici Agraria 2. Careggi — aule, biblioteche, uffici Salute Umana 5.

Pieraccini — aule e uffici Salute Umana 6. Santa Marta — aule, biblioteche, uffici Ingegneria 7. Torretta — aule e uffici Psicologia 8.

Please also note that matriculation deadlines for EU or foreign citizen are different than those of national candidates.

Pagare la seconda rata delle tasse 2018/2019

Should a student decide that the programme chosen is not the right one, it is possible to change without repeating the year up to the beginning of March It is mandatory but the results will not influence negatively the matriculation process.

Each school will schedule a number of test sessions throughout the academic year. Part-time students At the time of enrolment students can decide to enrol part-time if they already know that they cannot attend and study full-time.

Parttime student status will mean that different rules for study plans and fees apply. Income based fees At the time of enrolment students need to pay the first instalment of university taxes and fees. To this purpose students need to produce a. More details on enrolments and fees on unifi.

One of the key actions is student. Further mobility opportunities The University of Florence has signed cooperation and exchange agreements with foreign universities that give the possibility to regularly enrolled students to spend study time abroad. The announcements are published regularly and contain all information on participation criteria, including the number of openings, the length of stay and additional contributions or funding available.

Joint or Double Degrees Programmes issuing a double or joint degree play a significant role in the courses offered by the University of Florence. The combined cycle degrees in Italian and French Law or Italian and German Law entail a joint master degree, whereas agreements with other foreign universities lead to double titles.

There are three first cycle bachelor degrees and five second cycle master ones.

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More info: unifi. The grants are gauged according to the cost of living in the participating countries. There is also additional funding for students with economical or social difficulties and for students with disabilities offered on a case by case basis. Outgoing Erasmus Students Learning mobility goes from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 12 months whereas the internship mobility from 2 to 12 months.

Learning mobility is allowed only in partner institutions with which the University of Florence has signed a bilateral agreement.

The Erasmus student can attend courses and use the structures at the hosting institution without paying further enrolment charges and with the guarantee that the period of study abroad is recognised and credits earned are transferred. Before departure every student must have obtained the Learning Agreement or the Training. Agreement stating all activity to be pursued in the foreign institution, approved by both institutions.

Training mobility can be done also by students that have already graduated, but they must fill the application whilst still enrolled. Departure will be after graduation. The mobility period must be taken and end within a year of graduation.

Note: according to the EC programmes students are not required to pay university admission fees during their stay abroad, however the University of Florence cannot avoid any tax levied by national laws on certificates issued by public offices. The costs of materials such as books, photocopies, etc.

Incoming Erasmus Students Prior to arrival in Florence - Before the scheduled beginning of the period of study in Florence, students, selected in their home institution in the framework of the Erasmus programme, should send to the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali of the relevant School the Student Mobility Proposal Form made up of Enrolment Form plus Learning Agreement.

Moreover, students can register online to the free Italian Language Course, if interested. Application form downloadable from Unifi website.

Upon arrival in Florence - In order to proceed with enrolment, students should go to the Sportello Erasmus Erasmus Front Office and hand over the application form Enrolment Form plus Learning Agreement duly signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinators of both institutions, a copy of the passport or ID card, 2 passport photos. Before Departure from Florence - The academic record booklet has to be returned to the Erasmus Front Office of the school where they receive an official certificate stating the period of attendance at the University of Florence and the list of exams passed.

Health insurance - EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in possession of a European Health Insurance Card EHIC or equivalent document will get the same access to public health care at the same terms as nationals in accordance with the Italian legislation if a medical treatment is or becomes necessary during their stay.

Those who do not have complete health coverage in.

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Veracini 5, int. Suggestions and requests to: orientatest adm. Each university school organises throughout the academic year several days where they present the programmes they offer. The University promotes orientation paths aimed at enhancing gender differences in order. Lastly, every year there is a day dedicated entirely to first year students to facilitate their integration in the university context. Students, teachers and parents are also offered counselling toward the choice of university held by orientation experts and career counsellors.

Tutors work side by side with teachers and are found in all courses. They coordinate with the president of each programme and promote the planning of support paths to fill gaps and resolve critical issues emerged even with single exams.

They can offer help to students for e-learning and search activities as well as ad-. The mailbox address, in the format name. All communication from the University will be addressed exclusively to this mailbox.

Access is via webmail. Wi-Fi at the University and abroad A wireless connection is available throughout the university buildings: all registered users can connect using their own portable PC and authenticate themselves with their login and password.

Unifi students going abroad can use. Libraries: books, catalogues, courses, services, exhibitions Not only study areas surrounded by books, but also many electronic format resources, valuable sources for exam and dissertation preparation, research activities and PhD material. It is a heritage of high value to which other digital resources are added, including e-books, articles, periodicals that the entire academic community can consult online, print or download from no matter which access point.

Extensive e-book catalogues, valuable scientific databases from major national and international publishers and a complete package of online dictionaries are available to users. In addition there is FLORE, the institutional open access repository, a collection of documents downloadable in their full-version, from all disciplinary areas, including humanities and social sciences HSS , pure science, technology and medicine STM. This way the material can be downloaded, sent via email, saved as pdf, etc.

Besides the loan services both local and inter-. Online Services On the university website you can find all online services available to students and essential to carry out most activities related to academic life. Learning languages Centro Linguistico di Ateneo CLA , the University Language Centre organises and examines the language education required by the Schools, staging seminars and courses according the the different levels of knowledge. The Confucius Institute is recognised by the Ministry of Education of China as an official institution for the teaching of Chinese in the world.

Besides organising language courses at all levels and HSK certification exams, it promotes also cultural activities, upon payment. Courses are held in the afternoon and on Saturdays. The courses are divided in four terms: autumn, winter, spring and summer term.

There are also available for the students of the University some free software packages. At CESPD offices there are orientation services for incoming high school students and orientation for job placement of disabled graduands and graduates. The Libraries offer to disabled students the possibility of using PCs with vocal synthesis software, free loan of audio-books, proxy and home delivery loans.

A Listening Centre for students with disabilities has been recently activated: it stems from the collaboration between the Centro di Riferimento Regionale sulle Criticità Relazionali the regional centre for relational critical issues and CESPD with the aim to offer support in case of hardship encountered by these students. A research project is currently working on learning difficulties in order to develop guidelines for intervention and better learning and integration methods for university students affected by them.

Job Orientation Doing an internship - An internship is an intrinsic part of the academic path of each students. In many under- and postgraduate degrees the curricular internship is compulsory and earns credits. A graduate internship, called in this case non-curricular - is a period of training and orientation to the professional world.

Non-curricular internship is different from specific traineeship periods giving professional qualification, a compulsory step in order to be able to practise specific jobs. CV Access The University will make accessible to the industry the CVs of students and recent 12 months graduates who have given authorisation to do so according to the current privacy laws.

Servizi online

Other proposals - Recommendations Evaluation and publication of proposals from external bodies regarding orientation and job placement for students and graduates. Entrepreneurship and Placement Workshops Cantieri di intraprendenza e lavoro After graduation, the passage towards the professional world is critical and requires specific tools to be successful.

Counselling A counselling service is available to help students face some of the issues linked to university life study difficulties, choice or change of career, stress management, adjustment. The counselling consists of individual sessions of orientation, career or clinical counselling. Interviews are free of charge and in total respect of the privacy. More info: psicorienta unifi. The University of Florence has implemented St ge, an online database to facilitate access to internships: students and graduates can search for businesses that have agreements in place to host interns and can apply directly.

More info and access: www. Intrapreneurial Self-Capital Training Programme aimed at graduands and graduates to reinforce individual skills to face professional and personal challenges. Job Orientation Seminars Periodical events dedicated to students, recent graduates and doctoral candidates offering useful information to improve awareness when entering the workforce. CV check Personalised editing of application letter and CV.

Programme aimed at those who have taken part in the active job search workshop. Video CV Specific programme to produce a video CV aimed at those who have taken part in the workshop. Introducing Business Periodical meetings with businesses interested in presenting their activity and job and traineeship opportunities. Career Lab Programme offering the opportunity to participate in job selection by businesses and professionals using also case studies presented by selection personnel.

Career Day Yearly event where final year students, graduates and PhDs and work professionals meet. During the event participants have the chance to sit for job interviews with HR managers of private businesses and institutions offering concrete job opportunities. Focus on Innovation Workshops dedicated to the development of employment and business ideas. The right to education is granted by providing general services to all students and specific ones assigned by public competition to deserving students coming from low income situations.

Services include economic support for housing expenses, canteens, orientation activities, discounts and promotions for cultural activities. Getting around by bus and by bicycle Student monthly passes for ATAF buses Enrolled students up to 27 years of age can buy a monthly pass at the reduced rate of 23 euro. Maria Novella train station or at authorised points of sale submitting one passport photo, the fiscal code, the request form duly filled and a a proof of student status such as the academic record booklet.

It costs 1. There is also a downloadable ATAF App providing useful info on the bus network, close by stops and timetables. Accommodation In Florence DSU manages a number of residential halls for a total of beds, organised in different type of accommodation rooms, studio apartments. Places are assigned by public competition to all students residing outside of Florence having pre-determined economical and academic qualifications.

FAQ | Come fare per

The competition is the same one as the study grant and is published every year in July with deadline for application in September. Students coming from that are eligible for accommodation but cannot have one assigned due to temporary lack of availability, can apply for a contribution toward rental costs until a place becomes available. A complete meal is made up of two courses plus fruit or dessert, bread and a drink.

The cost varies according to income level and is between 2. Other combinations are possible including a take away meal and gluten free on request. Bicycle rental It is possible to rent bicycles for a few hours or the whole day from the two sites of Piazza S.

Maria Novella and Piazza Ghiberti. The service is open Monday to Saturday. Students that are awarded a study grant receive money, are exempted from paying tuition fees, have free access to canteens and, if coming from outside of Florence, will also have a place free of charge in a student hall of residence.

A further benefit is the Services Grant that includes one free meal per day in one of the university canteens, a contribution towards a public transport monthly pass and one for study material. All information available online inside the specific public announcement published each year in July. Those who do not meet all of the requirements can still apply for other type of economic benefits, such as those for economic hardship, for disabilities, for students enrolled in Nursing.

Grants for academic merit Every year the University allocates monies for students who achieve outstanding results in their average marks and number of credits earned. The actual amount of the reimbursement depends on the amount of total fees and charges paid yearly by the student and is issued upon request by interested students.

Applications online. Every year a call is issued for available posts, divided by degree programme. The grants are for students enrolled in master degree and PhD programmes and law specialisation school. More information on how to access the funds can be found in specific Regulations. Requests can be formulated by a student representative in the School Councils, the president of any association consisting of more than 50 regularly enrolled students or the reference student of a group of a least 50 students enrolled in the academic year pertinent to the year of publication of the funding decree.

Discounts and promotions The University of Florence has signed numerous agreements with local and regional businesses.

The list of all discounts and special deals dedicated to the students is online and constantly updated. Funded activities range from cinema to theatre, music, dance and visual arts.

Tasse e contributi universitari 2019-2020

DSU also encourages the participation to other local events and initiatives by giving concession tickets and discounts to individual students. In addition to that it organises competitions, tournaments, national and international inter-university sporting events. It is directed by Valentina Peleggi.

The Choir participates in various events organised by the University, gives concerts in Italy and abroad and is often involved in cultural exchanges with other national and foreign university choirs. More info: spettacolo unifi.

The Orchestra The Orchestra of the University of Florence was formed in to give students and staff the opportunity to live the experience of ensemble musical practice as well as enrich individual musical and technical skills and knowledge. The repertoire includes classical and unpublished pieces, some of which composed and arranged expressly for the Orchestra by contemporary composers involved in the project, including Stefano Nanni and Remo Anzovino.

The Orchestra is coordinated and conducted by Marco Papeschi.

Tutte le FAQ divise per argomento

More info: iltempiodellemuse gmail. The company was founded in by Teresa Megale who is also the artistic director. It is now an open lab accessible by all students of the University wishing to express their artistic inclinations and talents. The involvement of the students covers all aspects of drama production. The Company has been involved in numerous events, collaborating with the most important cultural institutions of Tuscany.

In it has been awarded the CTS Special Prize for Youth Policies thanks to the work done in promoting specific experimental scientific and training activities geared towards the dissemination of artistic knowledge among the younger generations.

In it has participated in various projects involving the dissemination of historical sources in collaboration with Tuscan museums. OpenLab is the education and scientific dissemination service of the University and it stages initiatives for a public of all ages to promote science and in particular the one studied in Florence, all year round.

More info: openlab adm. All recordings of past lectures are available online. It is the most important and most ancient natural science museum in Italy and also one of the largest at international level.

There are over 9 million exhibits some of which of remarkable scientific and naturalistic value: XVIth century herbariums, the most important Italian gatherings of anatomical and botanical waxes, fossil skeletons of big mammals, an extraordinary collection of colourful butterflies, the outstanding specimen of Elban and Brazilian tourmalines, artistic pieces of semiprecious stone of the Medici Collections, spectacular Maori sculptures, ethnic jewels, the monumental trees of the Botanic Gardens, the set of anatomy specimen and the chemistry collections.

Visitors can create their own custom visit tour thanks to the didactic services of the Museum that organise personalised activities,. The ombudsman advises also on issues regarding the code of ethics of the University of Florence.

The ombudsman office is not an information desk; its function is to step in when a complaint is filed regarding actions carried out by the University that may be in violation of the current university laws. To access the ombudsman one should send an email stating the case via a form downloadable from the University website.

All the procedure is free of charge and total privacy of all parties concerned is assured. All info available on Unifi website and related sites. Some of the sub-units belonging to departments or schools have their own pages, mainly on FB. Social media, however, do not substitute student and front offices. Students can also look up their academic record, book exams and library items. Marta, 3 — Firenze ph.

Info on part-time work grants ph. Architecture via Gino Capponi, 9 — Firenze architet adm. Reparata, 12 Mensa Santa Marta — via di S. Animal Biology via Romana, 17 — Firenze ph.

Bernardini, 6 —Sesto Fiorentino FI ph. Technological Sciences Library via P. Micheli, 2 — Firenze ph. Psychology via S. Salvi, 12 — Firenze ph. Humanities Library piazza Brunelleschi, 4 — Firenze ph.

Philosophy via Bolognese, 52 Il Pellegrino — Firenze ph. Handbook for students at the University of Florence.

Tabelle delle tasse

Vi si insegnano il master in tutte le aree disciplinari: scientifi- diritto, civile e canonico, le lettere e la medi- ca, biomedica, tecnologica, umanistica e del- cina. Nel lo Studium diventa universi- la formazione, delle scienze sociali.

Le attivi- tà imperiale, ma preso il potere in Toscana, tà didattiche sono coordinate da 10 Scuole. Nel viene ricostituita una struttura ci e amministrativi e oltre 1. Sono circa 8. Nel ati. Se ne trova la descrizione nello statuto del- lo Studium Generale del che stabiliva le mica di dottore. Al momento del- fre 54 corsi di laurea triennale nel — Per chi ha la qualifica di studente part OFA che saranno richiesti.

Il pagamento verrà registrato automaticamente in carriera entro 10 giorni dal versamento , lo studente è tenuto a conservare personalmente la ricevuta, che non deve essere consegnata in segreteria.

Per effettuare la verifica controlla quanto hai versato in prima rata e quanto è dovuto, nella pagina delle Tasse e contributi come totale annuo tasse a. Se hai pagato un importo superiore al dovuto riceverai in automatico un rimborso di cui ti sarà data notizia tramite posta elettronica istituzionale.

La mora viene generata automaticamente dal sistema informatico di gestione delle carriere degli studenti ed è visualizzata nei dati personali dello studente. Il servizio online per autorizzare il recupero del valore ISEE da parte dell'Università si è chiuso il giorno 12 aprile La DSU è composta da:. L'ISEE è calcolato sulla base della composizione del nucleo familiare, dalla somma dei redditi percepiti e dal patrimonio immobiliare e mobiliare posseduto da ciascun componente il nucleo stesso.

I servizi più significativi svolti attualmente dai CAF sono la compilazione dei modelli , delle dichiarazioni fiscali di ogni genere e dei modelli ISEE.